A Chattanooga clinic is giving the gift of life this holiday season to one couple struggling with infertility.

Tennessee Reproductive Medicine will give one local couple free in vitro fertilization.

Doctor Ringland Murray and his wife wanted a child but struggled to get pregnant.

They were given a free cycle of in vitro fertilization or IVF, and their daughter and son were born.

"The fact that people would lobby on your behalf and work that hard for you means everything," Dr. Ringland Murray of Tennessee Reproductive Medicine said.

It wasn't the first time Murray said they had used IVF, but it was the first time it was successful.

Doctors took away what they learned from unsuccessful treatments and tailored a cycle to meet the Murray's needs. Now, he uses that same technique to treat his patients.

"Somebody who has muddy boots, somebody who has walked that road even not with you, but have walked it," Dr. Murray said.

Murray and his colleagues at Tennessee Reproductive Medicine hear stories of struggle every day. 

"Some of them as long as a year some of them have come in with 8,9,10 years of trying to get just get pregnant which is just an eternity for a young couple," Dr. Jessica Scotchie of Tennessee Reproductive Medicine said.

That's why this holiday season they plan to ease the financial burden for one of those couples by giving away one free IVF cycle, which typically costs $15,000.

Applicants must apply online and provide a medical history.  They must also be willing to share their story. 

"Their story resonates with us we feel like this one would have a great chance of succeeding with IVF and is in a financial position where they were they really need some help to do treatment," Dr. Scotchie said.

The doctors will narrow the list of applicants and use a random drawing to select the lucky couple.

Murray hopes for that couple the holidays will be a little more meaningful.

"We are going to be very diligent and turn over every stone and look for something we can do to improve them," Dr. Murray said.

So far, there have been over 150 applicants for the giveaway and the winner will be chosen mid-December.