Anyone who has a 3-8 year old probably knows the hottest toy this Christmas is a Fingerling. It's an interactive monkey, small enough to grasp onto a tiny finger.

It does tricks, follows voice commands and speaks.

This holiday almost every child wants one but they are hard to find in stock.

Interactive toys like the Fingerlings are all the rage this year and if you can't get your hands on a Fingerling, here are a couple of options that'll light up Christmas morning: Play-Doh Touch brings the old-school toy into the 21st Century.

Here's how this one works: A child (oh you'll play with it too) creates a design or uses one of over two dozen cookie cutters.

Placing the creation onto a pad, the Play-Doh Touch scans the design and creates an animated version that shows up on an iPhone, iPad or Android device running the app.

On the device whatever the child created shows up within the cartoon interacting with what's on the screen.

The child can make their character or design jump, run, climb and giggle.

Kids can create multiple characters that will interact with each other on the screen.

It was one of the coolest toys I saw at CES last January.

The Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio is a bargain in today's interactive games and toys at around $25.

Spin Tales is another interactive gift that's not only a toy but a duvet and rug for a child's bedroom.

The duvet and rug are made with a special material and artwork that comes alive when a child points a smartphone or iPad camera at it.

An animated storybook then comes alive on the screen in augmented reality.

There are three stories or fairy-tales in the program and it reads the story to the child with the images on the bed displayed on the device.

It is augmented reality which mixes the real world and the animated story.

For instance, while a Little Red Riding Hood character moves throughout the story, the child can see real toys or even themselves displayed along with the animation.

It's amazing to see in person.

The Spin Tales rug and duvet cost $100 each, which isn't bad considering you're getting a toy and bed cover or rug.

These are two cool toys your kids will find as amazing as you do.