Little Owen Jones is a happy 3-month-old baby who just happens to wear a special helmet. Just two days after his birth his mom got some scary news.

Caitlin Johnson, Owen's Mom says, "I had no idea of what to think. I never thought anything like this could happen to my baby."

Owen was diagnosed with a condition that occurs one in 5,000 births.

Dr. Todd Thurston, Plastic Surgery Group says, "Owen is a little guy who was born with a condition called craniosynostosis what that means is the bones that form in the skull, one was formed a little to early."

It shows a side view of a baby with sagittal synostosis. This condition causes an abnormal head shape and can constrict the growth of the brain. That meant Owen needed surgery, the first of its kind at Children's Hospital of Erlanger.

Dr. Todd Thurston, Plastic Surgery Group says, "So Owen had Erlanger Children's first Sagittal Strip Craniectomy, made an incision in front of the hair line and we make incisions at the vertex of the skull and what that allows us to do is create a tunnel and dissect down along the skull and take out the fused structure."

Caitlin Johnson says, "I was scared for him, I didn't want him to have to go through surgery."

But he did and Dr. Thurston says he expects Owen to make a full recovery. He'll also wear this special helmet 23 hours a day for about a year to help reshape his head.

Caitlyn Johnson says, "I just wanted him to be a normal kid and do normal things. I was afraid his condition would stop that."

If left untreated, there is the potential for blindness or developmental delays. Caitlyn is just thankful Owen's condition was caught and treated early.

Caitlyn Johnson says, "He has done extremely well, he's very happy and doing all the things a three month old should do."