Video of a dog attacking a car at a Dalton apartment complex has gone viral on Facebook.

The attack happened shortly before midnight on November 9, at 526 Whitener Drive.

Dalton police spokesman Bruce Frazier says the dog was attacking the vehicle to get to a cat that crawled under the hood.

The owner of the car, Jessica Dilallo, began recording the video using Facebook. 

In the video, you hear Dilallo asking the officer why he isn't shooting the dog or throwing a rock to scare the dog away. The officer refuses to shoot the dog because it was not being aggressive toward people. Frazier adds that shooting a gun in an apartment complex parking lot was not a safe move to make.

Frazier also says that using pepper spray on the dog could cause a dog that's not aggressive toward people to become aggressive and roam around a neighborhood at large.

Animal control eventually responded to the scene.

Dilallo says she was scared and just wanted the dog to stop. 

"He didn't do anything to me, but I couldn't get him off the car," said Dilallo. 

Dilallo says she was on the phone during the incident. She says her mom told her to record what was happening to show the dog's owner and for insurance purposes.

"When the cops came I was really adamant about getting that on camera because I was really disgusted at the way they acted and they were really rude to me." 

Dilallo says since the video went viral she has gotten death threats for wanting to shoot the dog. 

"Some of the messages say they're going to come find me and shoot me; telling me if I can't afford a $500 deductible and I have a new car then I'm living beyond my means, and that I'm white trash. It's insane." 

The dog's owner, Ben Bonds, agreed to pay for the damages to Dilallo's car.

Bonds built a fenced pen to keep Red in. He now keeps him on a chain as well. He says this is the first time his dog, Red has ever escaped and run off. He and his family were at funeral when it happened. 

"He's a good dog. He's not no mean dog. He's just a pup," said Bonds. 

Bonds has had red since he was born. The one-year-old pitbull was a Father's Day gift. 

"My son thought he was going to die and I took care of him and got him where he's at today." 

Energetic and playful is how Bonds describes Red.

"I have great grand kids and grandkids they play with him and my little great granddaughter hugs him and plays with him so he's not a mean dog. He loves people." 

Police issued Bonds a warning to keep a closer eye on his dog.

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