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UPDATE: Chattanooga man resisted arrest following assault of Memorial Hospital employee

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UPDATE: A Chattanooga man who escaped from a hospital is in custody. William Williams faces several charges including aggravated assault and evading arrest.

Williams was a patient at CHI Memorial back on November 18th.

An arrest report said he hit a hospital employee before running out of the hospital and breaking into a nearby home with a family inside. That launched a police chase.

The family involved told Channel 3 they're still concerned for their safety.

Chattanooga police officers found Williams on Fisher Avenue, which is about a quarter of a mile from the hospital he took off from.

Officers used a K9 similar to the one Sgt. Sean O'Brien has named Anik to track Williams.

"Anytime we're using a dog, there's a significant threat present," Sgt. Sean O'Brien with the Chattanooga Police Department.

In this case, that threat was Williams.

An arrest report said the officer who responded told him to stop, but he refused. That led to the officer tasing Williams who managed to run away and into a home where there were children inside.

The homeowner jumped into help, but was tased by Williams who got a hold of the officer's taser.

O'Brien said a situation has to escalate before bringing in a K9.

Williams still had the taser in his hand and court documents said it didn't appear he was going to put it down. It took a K9 and several officers to take him into custody.

Williams was taken to another hospital for his injuries and then to the Hamilton County Jail.

O'Brien said K9s don't take down suspects every day, but it's part of their training.

"There are going to be situations out here in Chattanooga that involve a violent suspect that require the dog to be deployed," O'Brien said.

Channel 3 reached out to Memorial Hospital spokesperson Karen Long for more information about Williams and the incident.

She said, "I cannot speak specifically about an individual’s condition who is not a current patient; however, I can speak to our protocol when an individual either presents or is brought to the emergency room who is a potential danger to himself or herself. That protocol is to place the person in a secure isolation room with key access to caregivers. Oftentimes, there is a police presence outside the room if brought in by the police department." 

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