A Chattanooga police officer is under investigation by the department for a picture he posted on Facebook.

Lt. Craig Joel posted the picture Tuesday afternoon on his personal Facebook page. It was taken outside the Police Service Center on Amnicola Highway. It shows a WRCB female reporter interviewing Officer Joe Warren.

The picture was edited to include a message saying, “Beware of immaculate conception because just standing this close to Joe Warren is how you get pregnant. Fact.”

The post was commented on and shared more than a dozen times before being removed. Joel replaced it with the same picture and a new message that said, “It’s a 54 part story and takes an entire production team to explain how awesome Joe Warren is.“ That post was later removed.

WRCB was made aware of the picture, which was public, shortly after the reporter pictured returned to the newsroom. WRCB determined at that time that the Chattanooga Police Department was already investigating.

“Lieutenant Joel’s chain of command has opened an administrative investigation into this social media post,” said Elisa Myzal, Communications Coordinator for the Chattanooga Police Department.

Myzal says the investigation will determine if Joel violated the department’s social media policy and if disciplinary measures are taken.

“The post was clearly inappropriate and we are glad the leadership of the police department is looking into it,” said Callie Starnes, WRCB News Director.

Myzal says Joel will remain on the job while the investigation takes place.

WRCB reached out to Joel for comment. He cited department policy that restricts him from commenting.