One of the worst things about traveling, at least for me, is keeping track of all the gadgets I like to take with me. 

I have at least one smartphone, most of the time on the road I take two. I like to have a magazine or book and my iPad. I also like to grab a bottle of water to take on board an airplane. 

As a photographer/videographer here's a list of the things I generally take through an airport and onto an airplane: 

  • Two smartphones
  • Fullsize iPad 
  • Kindle 
  • GoPro 
  • Hand-held camera stabilizer
  • Portable cellphone battery charger
  • Charging cables 
  • Earbuds or headphones 
  • Bottle of water 
  • Notepad 
  • Pens 

That's a lot of stuff that I used to toss into a briefcase or courier bag to drape over my shoulder. 

Of course, when I got to the security checkpoint I had to take all of those things out of the bag and place them in a plastic bin to go through the X-Ray machine. 

The added briefcase bag also meant I had something else to keep up with when I got to my seat. Then I saw an ad for ScotteVest on Facebook. 

The ScotteVest has enough pockets to store all of the things I put in my bag. 
Skeptical? A little bit, until my first ScotteVest arrived in the mail. 

My first ScotteVest, the RFID Travel Vest has 24 pockets, more than enough to hold all of the things I list above. 

It's light-weight and made of a material that resists stains should I spill coffee or soda on it while walking through the airport or anywhere else. 

My first vest is a light tan color which my kids thought looked like a fishing vest and what I think resembles a photo-journalist vest. 

I managed to get all of those things stored away in the pockets and was surprised that it was still comfortable despite the 22 things it was holding. 

I was so impressed I ordered another ScotteVest for winter travel. 

The Fireside Fleece Vest has fewer pockets than my first one, but it still holds most everything I like to take with me. It's also warm. 

The ScotteVest was invented by Scott Jordan who said he was always struggling, like me, to take all of the gadgets he needs when he leaves for the office or on business trips. 

You might have seen him pitch the product a few years ago on Shark Tank.

He walked away without a deal but his company and product line continues to grow. 

I know I probably carry more gadgets than most people, and I take advantage of every single pocket. 

If someone on your list is always fumbling with phones and tablets and charging cables and batteries, the ScotteVest is a product they may not know they need. ScotteVest has products for men and women. 

It also offers specialty clothing such as doctor's lab coats, sport coats, pants, hats, shirts and underwear. 

Who's it for? Anyone who carries a lot of gadgets. Anyone who travels frequently. 

How much is it? ScotteVest vests and jackets range in prices from $40-$175.