Charges have been dropped against the Gatlinburg detective who was charged with perjury in connection to the Ooltewah High assault.

Detective Rodney Burns was charged with two counts of aggravated perjury in Hamilton County Juvenile Court following his testimony in the Ooltewah High assault case involving five basketball players.

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The Hamilton County District Attorney's Office said Burns told a different story in court from reports he filed about the investigation and juvenile court has jurisdiction in cases of failing to report child abuse.

Burns' attorneys said the charges should never have been filed in juvenile court.

Those charges were dropped Wednesday.

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A Hamilton County criminal court judge agreed with Burns' attorneys and dismissed the case against him.

“We are very pleased,” said attorney Bryan Delius, who represents Burns. “This was absolutely the right thing to do and I commend Judge Greenholtz for making this decision."

“I want people to know Rodney Burns did not commit perjury,” Delius added.

Burns' attorney sent the following press release to the Channel 3 newsroom:

Here are the court records released on Tuesday by the Hamilton County Criminal Court:

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