A Soddy Daisy father has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season after surviving a crash that could have killed him. 

It happened on I-75 North in Whitfield County, Georgia in October. 

The road to recovery can be a long one. 

"I was anxious to get home," Garrison Stewart said, "I felt myself getting drowsy, but I was so close."

For Stewart, it's a road he will remember forever. 

"I dozed off for a split second, I wind up waking up to me hitting the guardrail on the left side."

Stewart had just finished an overnight shift in Alabama and was on his way home to Soddy Daisy when he crashed on I-75 in Whitfield County. 

Army Private Jeffery Clark Norman was on his way to Fort Campbell, Kentucky and watched it unfold. 

"I looked up and saw him walking up the hill holding his arm and I could see blood dripping from 100 yards away," Norman said. 

Norman, only six months into his military career, knew Stewart's injuries were serious. 

He knew he had to help. 

That's when his military training in first aid took over. 

He used a belt as a tourniquet. 

"That's what I was taught to do: Grab something and stop the bleeding," Norman said. 

"I've never been squeezed so hard in my life. He grabbed that belt, and you know. It probably saved my life," Stewart added. 

Cell phone video shows first responders working on Stewart moments before flying him to Erlanger.

The cut severed several nerves and the main artery in Stewart's right arm, the same kind of injuries seen in combat and the same kind soldiers like Norman are trained in to perform first aid. 

"Whether it's people stepping out of the office throwing like a fake grenade to practice medical stuff or just going out and practicing clearing rooms," Norman said. 

Stewart still has two surgeries and a lot of therapy ahead to be able to use his arm again, but doctors said the future looks bright. 

"The stars were just lined right for me. I'm very lucky," Stewart said. 

The future, Stewart said, he wouldn't have if it weren't for Norman and the other Good Samaritans who stopped that day. 

"For somebody to be that young, to be that confident and take control of such a situation like that, I was very impressed with that young man," Stewart added. 

Channel 3 was able to connect Stewart and Norman. They have spoken over the phone and plan to meet in person soon.