A Rossville man has a warning for everyone after his home security camera caught a thief on camera.

Investigators said the suspect is not only checking door handles, but actually prying open car doors.

In the footage from a home security camera, you can see a person use a flashlight to look into cars before breaking into them.

"He did several hundred dollars worth of damage to that car,"  Captain David Scroggins of the Rossville Police Department said.

Police believe the suspect is involved in at least 4 different vehicle break-ins. They also believe he may have stolen another truck.

"Obviously the same clothing,” Captain Scroggins said while looking at footage from another camera, “And you can see him rummaging around in this guy’s garage."

Investigators are looking for the man in the video.            

Police believe he broke into vehicles in 4 different locations in just the last week, all within one mile of each other. It's a crime police say is more common this time of year.

"Particularly thefts from autos increases dramatically,” Captin Scroggins explained, “Christmas season, everybody's got to get the gifts.

Police encourage everyone in the community to use caution.

They suggest investing in a home security camera and making sure your home is well lit.

"That's one of the things that I would encourage everyone to do, it's a fairly minimal investment," Captain Scroggins urged.

Other tips include:

  • Taking pictures of your car and license plate.
  • Don't hide Christmas presents in your car. Police said it may be a good place to hide gifts from the family, but thieves know it's there.
  • Don't leave keys, guns, or a large amount of cash in your car, especially in plain sight.

Captain Scroggins also said to remember one very important thing, "if you can't stand to lose it don't leave it unattended in your car."

Anyone who can identify the man in the video is asked to call Rossville Police at 706-866-1227.