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Dozens of McKamey animals adopted on Black Friday

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Photo courtesy of McKamey Animal Center. Photo courtesy of McKamey Animal Center.

Retail stores weren't the only businesses that dealt with long lines on Friday. The McKamey Animal Center got in on the Black Friday frenzy with their own unique sale. It's called "Name Your Price Adoption Day." 

Customers were able decide how much they wanted to pay for an animal instead of paying full price. McKamey even had their mascot to help find home for their cats and dogs. "Mo" was inspired by "Flo" with Progressive Insurance. 

"It was one of our employees. She offered to be the Flo-Mo kind of persona and she was really pretty good at it except for she has a Scottish accent, but that worked out really well it was fun," said McKamey Director, Jamie McAloon. 

McKamey has a full house. About 550 animals are currently housed there. McAloon says the shelter always reaches capacity around the holidays. The busiest holidays for shelter is the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. 

"Sometimes it's that tipping point where they were meaning to get rid of the dog or were meaning to return the cat or whatever the reason is but the fact that they were going away and had no one to care for the animals that pretty much is the tipping point and they bring it in," said McAloon. 

Community members helped make room at the shelter on Black Friday. 47 animals were adopted. McKamey's goal 50. 

"If we've got a really good family sitting in front of us and we have a chance to move that animal into the family we don't care if it's not the full adoption price." 

Sitka was one of the dogs that found a new lifetime companion. His owner, 15-year-old J'Niya Hood says she knew immediately he was the one. 

"He stood out because when we came to his cage he started playing with his toys and jumping around and stuff," said Hood. 

But Hood says she was shocked to see so many animals up for adoption. 

"When you walk past them some of them are barking and some of them kind of look sad when you look at them, because when you pick out a dog it's like another dog is saying I wish you would have picked me." 

McKamey plans to have another sale in December ahead of Christmas. It's called "The All Nighter." More details will be released as the date draws near. The shelter is also hosting it's first annual "Tree Lighting Holiday Party" on Nov. 30.

Pet owners will be able to get photos made with Santa and his elves. 

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