Want in on a little secret? There are secret codes scattered across websites that instantly save you money when you purchase something online.

Promo and discount codes are offered by retailers and brands but it's hard to find secret codes that work.

Two popular tools online not only search for those codes but will also scan the internet looking for coupons and automatically add those codes to your checkout.

Honey is perhaps the best at finding and checking codes. It's a website but can also be added to your browser to check for codes automatically.

It works at most major retailers and even smaller online stores.

Look at an item on Amazon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy and dozens of other sites and you'll see Honey automatically checking to see if there are lower prices available at other retailers.

It will also tell you if the price you see is the lowest on the internet.

By clicking on the Honey icon on the screen it will search for special promo codes and enter those into your order.

Other Honey users will also add codes they find to the Honey database.

I've saved lots of money on orders using the Honey browser extension.

A $14 web domain from GoDaddy actually cost me less than $2 because it found a promo code online.

It also scoured the internet to find two promo codes at Callaway on a golf club. It took $100 off the price of the club and entered another code that gave me free shipping.

WikiBuy is another website tool to find special codes, promos and coupons.

It works similar to Honey as it is a browser extension and website.

Add an item to your Amazon shopping cart and it scans the internet looking for codes that other shoppers have found.

Adding these browser extensions is easy by going to the websites and following instructions.

Not all codes work of course but some do, saving lots of money.