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Left Behind: Chattanooga woman finds veteran's keepsakes in trash

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Left behind, keepsakes of an Army veteran tossed in the trash. When a Chattanooga woman came across them, she knew someone had to be missing them. She took on the task of getting the mementos home, unsure if she would find the rightful owner. So, she reached out to Channel 3 for help.

One of Jacqueline's hobbies is collecting antiques. When she found a portrait of a solider tossed in the trash, something compelled her, to bring this American hero home to his family.

“He just grabbed me. I felt like the Lord wanted me to do that. I was not about to leave it in the garbage,” Jacqueline said.

It's why she contacted Channel 3.

“That is just too important to be in the garbage," Jacqueline said. "Throw it in the trash and it would have been just swept away."

It broke her heart when she found the military patches, old photos, and other sentimental things of a life once lived, found in the trash on Workman Road in Chattanooga.

“They go through so much. Where we get a chance to live free. Not worry about bombs dropping out of the sky. I mean they just go through a lot," Jacqueline said.

It boils down to respect. Jacqueline comes from a military family she understands and appreciates how important their service is. She said, "even though he didn't know me, I felt like he was not only fighting for his family, but mine."

She has no idea who this man is or the story behind the badges.

“I really wanted his family to know all the stuff he probably did over there that they just didn't know about. Some of the kids probably was not born, so they know about him," Jacqueline said.

But for her, it doesn't matter.

“I just want to make sure he get home. It was very important to me in my heart that he get home." Jacqueline said. "You know, I wanted him to go home.”

If you recognize the man in the photos, contact the Channel 3 newsroom and we will put you in touch with Jacqueline.

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