There are more than a dozen memorials at the Chattanooga National Cemetery, one of them honors those who fought in the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War. 

One of those people, Marine Sgt. Lendon McDonald. 

He was laid to rest Friday. 

He received a Purple Heart after being wounded in the battle where it was 48-degrees below zero. 

He was one of about 15,000 troops surrounded by 150,000 Chinese and Korean soldiers. 

McDonald's flag-draped casket was surrounded by his family. 

They were presented with the folded American flag as his service was honored with the playing of Taps. 

It was a service, McDonald's son said reflected the honor his father deserved. 

"It was a battle where there was 800 and something Marines killed and 12-thousand wounded and they couldn't get help to them, they were trapped in the reservoir. He was decorated with a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star. He actually rode shotgun on the center of a truck hauling the wounded and dead out of there," Mike McDonald said. 

Those that survived the battle have been coined "The Chosin Few." 

There's only about a handful still alive in the Tennessee Valley. 

One of them came out to Friday's service to pay his respects to his comrade. 

Sgt. Lendon McDonald was 88 years old. 

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