Thursday was all about giving thanks and spending time with loved ones,  but it was also about giving back. That's exactly what one local food truck set out to do. 

Dem Boys food truck has only been in business for two months. It's located on Standifer Gap Rd. They usually serve New Orleans style meals, but they decided to go traditional for once as they prepared 100 thanksgiving meals for patients at Avalon Hospice in Chattanooga. 

"It's kind of been a tradition of mine to feed people that don't necessarily have somewhere to go for Thanksgiving and this year we're just kind of taking it to a bigger scale scale," said owner Thomas Metzger. 

The smell of mac and cheese, casserole, turkey, ham, and dinner rolls filled Dem Boys food truck Thanksgiving day. Metzger and his staff prepared 100 plates free of charge. 

"The holidays can kind of be depressing and for some people and a lot of us take advantage of that and it's good to just not be thankful for what we have but also get back to make sure that other people have something to be thankful for too." 

Metzger says an Avalon employee came by the food truck for lunch one day and he offered to help them do something special. 

"A lot of people work for Avalon or know of Avalon or they have family members that are in Avalon so it's really a big part of our community and it seem like a real viable place to give back to the community." 

Laura Teague is one of the Avalon employees who helped deliver the Thanksgiving meals. She says this is the first time they've done this, but she's happy for the opportunity to give back. 

"It's what thanksgiving is about. To be a blessing to others and to help people. I mean it's the little things. It's not some big heroic thing that we're doing. We're taking  food to people that may not possibly get this kind of food because they're busy taking care of their loved ones or because of their illness," said Teague. 

Though thanksgiving only comes once a year, Metzger's goal is to inspire others. 

"I hope that even if one person sees us performing in act of kindness that it might get them up get them out to do something kind for someone else and they'll pay it forward," said Metzger. 

The staff at Avalon Hospice are hoping to bring more hot plates to their patents for Christmas this year. If you would like help out or cater you can call (423) 892-3737.