It’s Thanksgiving Day and folks all over the Tennessee Valley are enjoying turkey, mashed potatoes and all the food that comes with today's celebration. However, many people are also taking the day to give back to others.

Thanksgiving comes with many traditions, and for some, it is volunteering with the Salvation Army. One volunteer's tradition is making sure everyone gets a piece of the pie during the holiday.

Filling the Salvation Army building is everything you can imagine for a Thanksgiving meal.

"Today is one of my favorite times of the year," Kimberley George, Director of Marketing and Development for The Salvation Army, said.

This meal, like many others, is prepared with love. But the ones preparing it aren't the people enjoying it.

"It's more than just a meal,” George said, “It's the warm fellowship, and the smile, and just the visit."

These meals are boxed up, placed in cars, and hand-delivered to more than 500 people in Chattanooga who are home-bound.

"Happy Thanksgiving!" a volunteer said while delivering a meal.

"Thank you so much, and happy Thanksgiving to y'all,” a woman replied, “Thank you so much."

A lot of “thank you’s,” fitting for the day.

Richard Landis has delivered meals for as long as he can remember.

"I’ll be home in plenty of time to have our meal, and I’ll also spread some joy to some other folks," Landis said.

Spreading joy one meal at a time because he feels like it’s the right thing to do.

"It's very rewarding," Landis said emotionally. 

He'll get his Thanksgiving with his family, but not before helping with these ones.

"Being able to bless somebody and occasionally we get an opportunity to pray with them,” Landis said, “It's just a great feeling."

The Salvation Army will continue helping families this holiday season. Its famous red kettles can be spotted all around town, they encourage the community to make a donation if they can.