It takes a village to feed hundreds of the less fortunate a traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner.  For days, volunteers with the Community Kitchen cooked over a hot stove preparing ingredients needed to make warm cooked meals. And each year, they serve more and more.

Turkey, dressing and sweet potatoes. They are not the only things being served at the Community Kitchen.  What we are serving is love. That is what we serve. We serve humanity at its best I hope. And we see people who need a little bit of help and try to help,” John Lucas, a volunteer with the Community Kitchen, said.

Two hundred people volunteered their Thanksgiving holiday to serve one thousand people in need. To give back is only the right thing to do. Plus, when you look around and see the people that need help, how can you not help?

It's a tradition for the Chang family. They've been volunteering on Thanksgiving day for eight years. Give back to the people less fortunate. We want to show my son how blessed we are, said Lee Chang.

Forty turkeys, 50 pounds of cornbread, and 100 pies were donated for this year's feast. But for John Lucas, the food is an added bonus. Thursday, it's more about the people around the Thanksgiving table. The food is an extra, the Thanksgiving we share with them, that's what we really share, said Lucas.

If you missed the chance to volunteer this Thanksgiving, the Community Kitchen is now accepting volunteers for Christmas Day. For more information visit