Many are up bright and early prepping and cooking Thanksgiving meals, but it's also a busy day for firefighters. It's why firefighters want to make sure everyone is taking precautions to prevent a kitchen nightmare. They are on standby in case you have a kitchen emergency.
Cooking is the leading cause of home fires and fire injuries on Thanksgiving Day. Although the Chattanooga Fire Department says they don't receive a higher call volume, they do say they respond to kitchen fires on this day every year.

"People will put something on the stove, they'll forget about it and walk away. So always when you're cooking make sure you stay attended to that kitchen," Chuck Hartung, Assistant Fire Marshal.

Officials say to make sure you have working smoke detectors, and if you have a fire extinguisher make sure you read the label and know how to use it before you start cooking.

Most fires can be prevented. It's unattended cooking that is the leading cause of home fires. The latest numbers show that U.S. Fire Departments responded to about 1,800 home cooking fires on Thanksgiving in 2015. 

Accidents happen though, so what should you do if something catches fire? What should you avoid?

Fire officials say to never throw water on a cooking oil fire, or else you could make the situation worse or hurt yourself.
If something on your stove top does catch fire, make sure you have the lids to the pots or a baking sheet near by.

"If they do flame up you can cover them, turn the heat off on the stove top. That way you've done two things to put the fire out, you removed the heat and cut off the oxygen. Fire needs three things to burn air and heat are two of them and something to burn that's the third ingredient of a fire," Hartung said.

If you have a fire extinguisher make sure you know how to use it. A helpful acronym is P.A.S.S. "P" for pull the pin, "A" is for aim for the fire, "S" is for squeeze the handle and the last "S" is to spray the base of the fire.

The main thing to remember is don't panic and call the fire department.