A burglary suspect depended on his swimming skills to get away, but Hamilton County Sheriff's Deputies were able to pluck him from the water.

Around 11:15, the owner of Chattanooga Fish and Fun in Hixson was notified by his security system that an individual was attempting to break in. He called the sheriff's office.

As deputies arrived on scene, the suspect, later identified as Stephen Henshaw, got on a motorcycle and drove toward Chester Frost Park.

Deputies followed him. Matt Lea with the sheriff's office says Henshaw crashed his motorcycle near one of the boat ramps in the park. The suspect then went into the water, attempting to swim away to avoid capture. 

With the aid of an onlooker's boat, deputies were able to get the suspect out of the water and take him safely into custody.

Henshaw is facing several charges including evading arrest and vandalism.

The sheriff's office says this is an ongoing investigation. 

Our crew on the scene says the suspect was only able to get away with a boat prop from the business. It has been recovered.