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No more drama: Family coach offers tips to avoid conflict during Thanksgiving

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As Americans gather around the Thanksgiving table, there are a few topic's of conversation many are hoping to avoid.

Politics, religion, and financial issues are just a few of those topics that can start up a family feud. 

Experts agree domestic violence is more likely to occur when stress levels are high. 

During the holidays, unrealistic expectations, financial strain, and alcohol can all add up to trouble in the home.

This is the one of the only times of year the whole family will gather together.

Family coach Danielle Greer says most conflict occurs among family members.

"We love each other; we know so much about each other; we know the dirty little secrets about each other," Greer says.

Last year, so many families were divided over the presidential election that some family members still may not be speaking.

This year may be the year to make amends. Greer says not to approach the situation in a combative manner.

"How is it that I can have a conversation without needing them to be different," Greer says. "You'd be surprised."

Greer says in most cases the things that bother you the most about someone else are a reflection of yourself.

Some may have expectations for their holiday to look like a scene from a movie where the family is spending every moment together.

However, Greer says peace in the household is the goal not perfection.

"I want to spend time with my family and you want to go shopping for Black Friday," Greer says. "So how can I make peace with that?"

She also encourages families to use balance.

"Okay, I'm going to go shopping from 6AM to 9AM and then from 10PM until noon," Greer says. "Let's go have coffee or a late breakfast."

Experts say the days after the holiday can also be troublesome.

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