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Local tree lots welcoming colder temperatures

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The growing season officially ended today and the colder air is right on time for tree farmers.

"We'll have another truck in tomorrow, another on Thanksgiving Day," says John Weaver of Weaver Tree Farm.

John Weaver says every Tuesday and Thursday, trucks arrive full of trees. A few hundred and several varieties can be expected through Christmas.

 "The pumpkin season tells how the Christmas season's going to run, and the pumpkin season was really good," adds Weaver.

Weaver Tree Farms will be open through December 20th, and they are prepared to be fully stocked during this time. Ramsey's Produce has been open and they've sold a few trees this week already.

Linda Denton with Ramsey's Produce says, "It does take a little coolness, that nip in the air, to make it even feel like the season."

Denton expects to sell at least 800 trees this season, and colder temperatures are good for business.

"Demand is very high," adds Denton.

She says her Fraser Firs are from North Carolina, and over the years many have been cut, but not replenished, and fewer were cut this year to make up the difference. She adds, "At the rate I'm going right now, I'll be out before December 23rd."

Ramsey's Produce is located at 4418 N Access Road in Chattanooga.

Weaver Tree Lot is located at 308 Signal Mountain Road in Chattanooga.

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