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What the Tech? App of the Day: Android control panel

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So you're an Android person (that's someone who uses an Android device, not a robot person) and you're curious about all the iPhone X talk. Maybe you hate Apple products and would never think of switching, some even call it "the dark side", that's understood. But there's one feature that iPhones have that Android fans would want and that's the useful Control Panel function that allows you to quickly change settings without having to go through the Settings app.

If you use an Android device, you can get these shortcuts too, with the app "Control Panel".

Just like on the iPhone, you simply swipe to reveal a page of shortcuts. You can turn on or off wifi and bluetooth, set an alarm, play music and get to the calculator. It's a lot faster than closing an app and opening another. It appears on the screen exactly how Control Panel looks on an iPhone. It's actually even better than the iOS Control Panel because you can add more items to the shortcut page.

For instance, you can add your favorite apps to the panel which you can't do on an iPhone. Rather than closing one app and search to open another one on the home screen, You just swipe and tap. Of all the apps on my Android device, Control Panel is the most useful because it's so fast.

Unfortunately, as much as I love this app, there are some annoying ads that show up from time to time while you're using it. Those can be closed and no video ads have appeared while I've been using it, but I would like the option to purchase an ad-free version. Still, for Android devices, this is an app you'll fall in love with.

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