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Drivers get free car cleanings during Clean Out Your Car Week

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There is a new campaign aimed at getting litter off Tennessee roadways by helping you clean your car.

Ahead of the holiday weekend, many drivers are getting complimentary car cleaning.

“This coming up week, it's the most traveled week of the year for folks," said Mike McClanahan with the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

Drivers that stopped by the I-24 Welcome Center in Hamilton County on Sunday were greeted with a complimentary car cleaning.     

It's part of a "Clean Out Your Car" campaign.

"Most of the items that end up as litter on our roadsides come from inside your car,” McClanahan explained, “Either traveling from your foot on the floorboard or maybe you've got a window down and it flies out."

McClanahan said it's one way to help keep the volunteer state clean.

"It’s a big eyesore when it's out there,” McClanahan said about litter, “It's a big point of pride to keep your state clean."

The campaign also hopes to raise awareness.

Litter on Tennessee roadways is not cheap. McClanahan said TDOT spends roughly $15 million a year to clean up litter.

"A whole lot of money that most folks wish we could spend doing something else," McClanahan urged.       

The team will be cleaning cars for free at various welcome centers throughout Tennessee until Wednesday. For a full list of times and locations, click here.

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