In a cabinet next to our refrigerator is a cabinet with no fewer than 20 cookbooks. They take up a ton of room; 3 shelves in fact that could better be served for a waffle iron, pans and a quesadilla maker I don't want to throw away. Will my wife let me toss them? That's not even a consideration considering some of those cookbooks that we never use were handed down from generation to generation (though I suspect a few to have come from yard sales).

I'm sure there are recipes worth using but who wants to go through them all, page by page? With Thanksgiving coming next week I have a suggestion on how to save some of those recipes so we can use them from an iPad or smartphone.

Evernote is my favorite app for organizing documents and lists. If you've never tried it, you should take a closer look. Once downloaded it can convert those cookbooks into digital files you can see on any computer or phone and can be shared through the generations. Here's how to do it:

Using the Evernote app, take a photo of the recipe.

Evernote won't actually take a photo but it scans the page much like you'd do if you placed it on a scanner.

Once the digital file is created you can tag it or add it to a notebook you create, say 'recipes'. You can add tags such as dinner, breakfast, appetizers, desserts which will make organization even easier. If the recipe is handwritten Evernote will save the photo as it appears and makes the recipe searchable by keyword. If you can read it, so can Evernote. The files or recipes can be viewed on any device using the app or on a computer by going to your account at

It gets even better, it will save a recipe you find on Pinterest or anywhere else online. Evernote has a web clipper app for the Chrome browser that will sit at the top of each webpage. To add a recipe to your notebook just click on the clipper and add it to the notebook with any tags for organization.

Evernote is an app and webpage that I use multiple times every single day to save important documents, create new documents and save photos I take with my phone automatically.

I doubt I'll be allowed to toss the cookbooks in the trash, (I wouldn't want to do that anyway) but I could probably store them somewhere else.