On Wednesday the five Grundy County football players accused of aggravated attempted rape made their first appearance in court. It was in front of a newly assigned judge from Coffee County; Judge Tim Brock.

Last month, the original judge assigned to the case recused himself. He said he represented some of the defendant's parents while as a private attorney.

During the hearing, the judge placed a confidentiality order on the case. It means no one other than those involved will know what happens inside the courtroom.

“It is a very small community; it is a very high profile case. I think as a matter to try maintain order in the court room you see this confidentiality come into play,” said Zach England an Associate Attorney with Warren and Griffin.

England said it's no surprise a confidentiality order was put in place in the case involving the five Grundy County High School students. “It is going to be a very strict order, really strict compliance in the front end. Usually only people named in the suit are involved, attorneys or anybody who is directly involved in the court will have access. Going to be a tight circle.”

Judge Tim Brock issued the order through his own discretion. The different parties involved agreed not to discuss what happens during the investigation.  “Any of the proceedings, whether it be the testimony, rulings, any sort of evidence, will be of a confidential nature. Meaning it is not to leave the courtroom. Essentially it will be under seal.”

It is still unclear if the five teens will be tried as adults or juveniles. Either way, the court protective order will remain in place. England said it’s to protect the victim as well as the suspects.

Channel 3 reached out to the district attorney's office to find out when the teens will be back in court. They have not returned our call.