UPDATE: Grundy County deputies have made an arrest in the death of 26-year-old Samantha Chandler. 

Samantha was last seen putting her young son to bed, then going outside on her grandmother's front porch around midnight May 1, 2016. Within hours, her body was discovered in the Ross Creek area, about 150 feet from a gravel road, near a remote ATV trail. 

Samantha's estranged husband, Daniel Chandler is now accused of the crime, charged with one count of first degree murder.  Officials say he was indicted by a Grundy County Grand Jury earlier this week after investigators presented them with evidence. 

"It's just unreal, I just can't believe it," said Amy Millsap. 

Amy Millsap tells us her niece was in the middle of getting divorce from Daniel at the time of her death, but Samantha wanted to work things out. Family members say they were always were suspicious of Daniel, but didn't have any hard evidence against him. 

"They were estranged from each other. They were currently getting ready to be going through a divorce and she was getting custody of son kyle," said Millsap. "I think that he messaged her and called her that night and she went with him under the pretense that she thought they were getting back together because she wanted her family. I mean that's what Samantha wanted was to be a family and I think he knew he was going to do this." 

Millsap hopes to get more answers in court.

"We just want to know why, why did he have to take her life? Why couldn't he just let her live her life and go on with his life with another girl? Why did she have to lose her life and Kyle lose his mother," asked Millsap. " I think he should sit behind bars and suffer, I think he should be miserable for the rest of his life." 

On Tuesday afternoon, Walker County, Alabama Sheriff’s deputies arrested Chandler and booked him into the county’s jail. Authorities say was brought to the Grundy county jail Tuesday night, where he is still waiting to a face a judge. 

ORIGINAL STORY: A joint investigation leads to the indictment of a Grundy County man in connection to his wife's death. 

In May of 2016, at the request of 12th District Attorney General Michael Taylor, TBI Agents joined the investigation into the death of Samantha Chandler, shortly after deputies found the body of the 26-year-old woman off of Ross Creek Road in Gruetli-Laager.

On Monday, the results of the investigation was turned over to the Grundy County Grand Jury, which returned the indictment, charging Daniel Chandler, 29, with one count of First Degree Murder.

On Tuesday afternoon, Walker County, Alabama Sheriff’s deputies arrested Chandler and booked him into the county’s jail, where he is awaiting extradition to Tennessee.