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Expect slightly sweeter local carrots this holiday season

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Photo by WRCB meteorologist Brittany Beggs. Photo by WRCB meteorologist Brittany Beggs.

If you have ever thought carrots taste different from one year to the next, it's because they do!

Sara McIntyre, Executive Director of Crabtree Farms in Chattanooga, says, "One of the great things about fall and winter carrots is that they get sweeter as the season gets colder."

This is a survival tool the root uses to live through winter. McIntyre describes it like an antifreeze.

Similar to how we use mittens, scarves, and coats, vegetables use sugar.

McIntyre adds, "They fill themselves with sugars, little simple sugars, and what that does is it makes it harder for the cells to freeze."

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, one large carrot contains 3.4 grams of sugar. During the fall and winter months, the amount of sugar increases. 

Jesse Hansen has worked at Crabtree Farms for over a year and says they always taste a carrot before pulling the entire crop.

Last November, temperatures averaged 60 degrees before turning colder at the end of the month.

"They were so sweet and good I couldn't bring myself to cook them," Hansen says.

This November the average temperature is slightly cooler, coming in at 59.4 degrees since the first.

"I can tell this carrot is young, and I can also tell we've had some cool days because it does have a sweetness to it. It's not as sweet as our carrots are going to be," states McIntyre.

Chattanooga had three days in the 80s last November, and because this hasn't been the case this year, we'll likely end the month colder than 2016.

Due to this, carrots you buy this holiday season locally will likely be a little sweeter. That's good news for children who find it hard to eat their vegetables!

Crabtree Farms is located at 1000 East 30th Street in Chattanooga. For information on how to purchase local carrots from Crabtree Farms, call 423-493-9155. 

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