Sergeant Justin Vinson has more than a decade on the job in Cocke County, Tennessee. Every afternoon he helps direct traffic during the school rush, and now he has some help from an unlikely partner.

It's 4-year-old Sawyer.

Sawyer takes his responsibility seriously and wears his uniform with pride. Every day he helps Vinson put out traffic cones and sometimes uses his whistle.

Sawyer even practices his moves on pretend traffic while Sergeant Vinson leads the real drivers in the right direction. The two have now grown close.

"Honestly, I'm just doing my job. And, you know, if someone can look up to me, because you never know who may be looking up to you, to give them that guidance," Sergeant Vinson said.  "To give them that hope. And if I can be a role model to somebody-- it makes me happy knowing that I can be."