Channel 3 continues to push for answers in the Grundy County High School attempted aggravated rape case.

"That's not even hazing, that's assault," one parent told Channel 3.

A parent sat down with Channel 3, and said there is a long history of hazing at the school that has to stop.

The parent was reluctant to talk with us. She was concerned if she spoke up, action would be taken against her child.

Police reports, obtained by Channel 3, confirm what she tells us. Her story gives us more insight into the school culture she said has to change.

"He said, ‘Man it's just an initiation to get you a part of the team and stuff,’" the parent said another student told her child.

The parent said her child was assaulted on Grundy County High School property a year ago.

Channel 3 obtained reports of several incidents that happened on the campus over the past two years.

"Started beating him in the head," said the parent, "My son hit the ground and he continued to beat my child."

The parent filed a report with the Grundy County Sheriff's Office.

She said it's just one incident that’s part of an ongoing hazing culture.

"It’s continuous. If they're not punished for the first thing, or the second thing, or the third thing, they're going to keep doing it over and over and over," the parent said.

In 2015, an incident in the field house led to students being charged with sexual exploitation. Those charges were later dropped.

Now two years later, two of the same players charged in that case are now facing attempted aggravated rape charges.

"He said, ‘Because I hear kids every day say I’m scared to go to the field house and workout or I’m scared something like that's going to happen if I go into the bathroom.’ Half of the school is on fear of this stuff," she said.

She said students are not held accountable to the school handbook, which defines attempted rape as grounds for expulsion.

The five students charged have been placed on home-bound education, something usually reserved for students with medical needs.

Now, the sheriff's office is looking into how the school has handled allegations like these. Parents hope it will force change.

    "It’s ridiculous. Everyday I’m just waiting on one of them to come home and tell me something else has happened or someone else has been hurt," the parent said, "Frustrating is not even the word for it. It gets to the point where you think maybe I should just get my kids up and move out of here.”

    The mother tells me she dropped the assault charges in her child’s case because the school promised the student charged would be suspended for the rest of the school year. She said the student returned to school three days later.

    The school system has ten days to hand over records in this case and any others from the last five years to the sheriff's office. That order was signed by a judge.