Last year I saw exactly three movies in the theater.

Like many people it's just too expensive. At $15 per ticket, plus popcorn, means it can cost a family of four as much as $75 for a night at the movies.

Then I downloaded the app "MoviePass" and that all changed.

MoviePass is a free app and $10/month subscription that allows a subscriber to see up to one movie per day.

MoviePass sends subscribers a debit card.

When the subscriber arrives at the theater they check in to reserve a seat at which time MoviePass adds money to the debit card to pay the price of the ticket.

It's become so popular movie theater ticket-takers and managers tell me they see people paying for movies "all the time." 

Now, MoviePass has updated its Terms and Conditions which hints at the possibility of changing how it works and how much people pay for it.

According to the new terms, "MoviePass reserves the right to change or modify the service or subscription including, but not limited to applicable prices, at any time, without prior notice."

It also states that a user could be limited to the number of movies they see if the subscriber exceeds a certain number of movies each month.

MoviePass changed its subscription rates earlier this year.

In months and years past unlimited plans cost as much as $99/month or $15/month for up to two movies a month.

There are some hints of possible good news for subscribers that the company is looking at adding DVD and Blu-Ray products though it does not go into any detail.

All of my movie-going friends either use MoviePass or are awaiting their cards in the mail.

Since I received the card a little over a month ago, I've seen seven movies in five theaters.

At this rate, I may be one to see a new monthly rate. But I hope not.

Click here to learn more about MoviePass.