Despite occasional complaints about the school year starting several weeks before Labor Day, Hamilton County likely won't be changing any time soon.

School Board members are expected to approve the proposed 2018-19 school calendar this week, which is essentially the same schedule the district has used for the past several years.

According to Stacy Stewart, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, a committee of administrators and teachers are given several options each year, and the current plan has again been overwhelmingly approved.

In a memo to board members, Stewart wrote that the current plan "has won by a large percentage of the vote." She said over the past six years 71% approve the current plan. In the past, teachers have voted against plans that would start the school year a few weeks later. She said that option has not been offered in recent years because "it meant every employee would skip an entire pay period, and therefore miss a paycheck."

If, as expected, the board approves the plan, the first "full student day" for Hamilton County schools will be August 9, 2018.  The traditional fall break week will be observed from October 8-12, with the school year ending on May 24, 2019.