In South Pittsburgh, the band is on fire! When Director Monroe Murray took over last year, there were 8 students in the program. This year they are marching 36 with only two seniors and have 32 more coming up through the beginning band program.

He says the high school students and the city have been hungry for a band for the last three or four years. Murray’s a former Marine who says he knows how to do the right things the right way and for the right reasons. And with just a little love and attention, the program began to grow. Mr. Murray loves it so much, he was at the stadium in the cold on the Marine Corps birthday and said he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else rather than there with his guys and gals.

The Band of Pirates show consists of selections from Prince's Purple Rain. They have been practicing and performing the pieces since band camp in mid July which was described only as 'hot!' Mr. Murray pays high compliments to his students, calling them flexible, hard workers, and respectful, adding he couldn’t ask for anything more. He also praises the parents, the administration, the faculty, who all give great support to the kids and the program.

Even though they have already begun concert band season, they are ready to follow their football team all the way to the championship. Good luck and thanks to the South Pittsburg High School Band of Pirates, our Friday Night Football Band of the Week!