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What the Tech? Extra money for the holidays

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We can all use a little extra money in our pocket during the holidays.  While most  retailers have ‘help wanted’ signs in the window it’s possible to find a job and work from home. 

Several websites offer opportunities to earn money online. Of course, some are schemes and shams but we’ve found 3 places online to go for a little extra spending money.

They’re legit, let you work from home,set your own hours and, in one case, name your price.

Amazon Mechanical Turk.  Okay, I was thrown off by the name myself but this website connects businesses with millions of people around the world who are open to do small tasks that computers can’t do. Employers and entrepreneurs post HIT  which stands for Human Intelligence Tasks. Many of these are simple jobs such as reading store receipts and noting which store it’s from. Other jobs include transcribing information from business cards and transcribing audio into text.

Simple HITs pay a penny or a little more per task. Transcribing a business card pays 3 cents which doesn’t sound like much, but if you can transcribe 10 cards in a minute you’ll make around $18/hour.

Amazon doesn’t release any statistics regarding the number of workers and businesses using Mechanical Turk, but a New York professor estimates it’s between $10-$100 million a year. Amazon Mechanical Turk currently reports having over 345,000 HITs available now. Completed or assigned tasks are removed as new HITs are added by companies.

Fiverr.com is one of several web destinations where freelance workers post their services. Can you draw? Paint? Build websites? Record audio or video? Businesses needing help with those types of things will hire freelancers off of Fiverr. Freelancer scan name their price and there’s no shortage of people willing to do almost any job for $5 but businesses have learned you get what you pay for. Professional creatives can charge thousands of dollars per project. When you sign up you list your skills, how often you can work, which days and hours you’re willing to work and how much you will charge.

While graphic artists and video and animation experts are in high demand there is also quite a few  people offering to help write resumes and cover letters. What can you do? Viggle is a mobile app that pays to watch tv. The app for iPhones and Androids will listen for the sound of a tv show you’re watching. The app records the length of time you’re watching and then pays you for your time. People can also earn Viggle points by answering questionnaires and watching commercials. Earn enough points and they can be redeemed for gift cards to Target,Walmart, Amazon and over 200 other retailers.

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