A new mobile app is coming to Chattanooga, transforming the way parents hire babysitters.

The app is called Wyndy. Users apply for babysitting jobs through the app. It even allows parents to pay for the service using the app.

Wyndy first launched in Birmingham. Since January, it has expanded to Tuscaloosa and Nashville. The app allows parents to screen babysitters faster.

Chattanooga native Ginger Mayfield and her husband Tommy developed the Wyndy app.

They created this app based on their own needs.

“I was in grad school at night and my husband was a busy attorney and we had a lot of babysitting needs it was just a constant pain point for us,” said Ginger Mayfield. “Not just the building out of the network of sitters but also the booking part of the process.”

The babysitters available through the app are verified college students who must pass a background check.

The sitters submit a video as a part of the application process.

UTC and Covenant College have partnerships with the app, allowing their students to apply for jobs.

“We’ve been parents for seven years and we discovered just being parents that I favorite babysitters for our two daughters were college students,” said Ginger Mayfield.  “They've got a lot of energy! They're responsible and they have flexible schedules and that's why always chose to target college students.”

The Mayfield’s call their babysitters Wyndys, based on the peter pan character who cared for the lost boys.

The name seemed fitting for the app, it allows parents to set filters when selecting their own Wyndy.

Parents can choose a Wyndy based on his or her college major.

“They're not just a babysitter. You’re Wyndy,” said Tommy Mayfield.  “We want to get to our parents this expectation that you're not just hiring a babysitter you're hiring a Wyndy and that means something.”

This app allows parents to book a Wyndy, keep track of hours worked, calculates pay, and make payment using a credit or debit card.’

The Wyndy app will be available in Chattanooga on November 15.

Parents can download the app now, and the first 100 to sign up will be entered to win four hours of free babysitting, a value of $75, and a $100 gift certificate to a restaurant of their choice. 

Students who want to sign up for this program will be able to have the fee for their background check waived.

The app is available for Android and iPhone users.