It’s been almost a year since the Woodmore Elementary school bus crash, and some teachers are still dealing with the after-effects. 

Many of the teachers attended six funerals in eight days, mourning the loss of the six students who lost their lives in the bus crash on November 21, 2016.

In addition to covering the families’ funeral and medical expenses, the school bus operator, Illinois-based Durham School Services agreed to pay for grief counseling for Woodmore teachers.

A spokesperson for Durham confirmed to Channel 3 that some of those bills have gone unpaid, until now.  Carina Noble, the company’s senior vice president for communications, said of the Woodmore teachers who had undergone counseling, only one therapist has been paid. She attributed it to a miscommunication between Durham and its insurer. She said payment for the remaining three teachers’ grief therapy would be issued by next Tuesday, November 14. 

According to Noble, in one case, Durham had not received any prior invoices from the counselor, but said the bill would be paid. She added that all funeral and medical expenses that Durham has received from Woodmore families have been paid.