Amazon shoppers, watch out! You're being targeted by bad guys. According to the Better Business Bureau, many Amazon shoppers are beginning to get an e-mail designed to steal your credit card information or everything on your computer.

"How many emails do you get from Amazon every week? A lot probably and this one looks just like Amazon, it has the logo."

The Better Business Bureau's Kathleen Calligan tells me, It looks the real thing and you probably wouldn't suspect it's a scam.

"The header is that they can't identify your account, so of course in the body of that email is a link that they want you to click to verify," Calligan explains.

Click on the link and your message doesn't go to Amazon, it goes to the scammers. "You may not even notice anything at the moment that you're going to give some information about your Amazon account."

By clicking the link you'll go to another website which might then automatically begin installing programs on your computer. The malware could be the nasty 'ransomware', that locks up your computer and demands you pay a ransom in order to get it back. That kind of thing happens every single day and the FBI says this year, consumers will pay out over a billion dollars to re-gain access to their computers and information.

"This is serious stuff, very dangerous stuff," explains Calligan. "During the holidays, those websites look real. Those emails look real, the phone calls sound real. You've got to know the tricks."

If you get an email that appears to come from Amazon, the better business bureau would like to know. How do you protect yourself? Never click on a link in an unsolicited e-mail, even if appears to come from a company you trust. Instead of clicking a link, always go to your account information on the company's website and check for any notifications there.

The FBI says scams like this one increases every year as retailers begin sending out emails about their Black Friday sales, so be ready.

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