Remodeling companies across the nation took time Wednesday to help veterans free of charge. 

During an event called Baths for the Brave, contractors upgraded 10 bathrooms across the country. 

"These folks keep us safe every single day and we can never thank them enough," Christi Broom with Hullco said. 

A team from Hullco said thank you to Army veteran Billy Bond. 

The Chattanooga native served 10 years in the National Guard. He now calls Soddy Daisy home with his family. 

"I had a lot of problems that I kind of just kicked down the road or I let time catch up with and it was a lot of dealing with that," Bond said. 

Like many veterans, Bond has scars from war you can't see. 

According to the VA, as many as 20-percent of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom veterans suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Bond spent two tours in Iraq and now lives with PTSD and a traumatic brain injury. 

"He really enjoys his bath time. It helps him to relax as he suffers from nightmares and many other anxieties," Broom said. 

By upgrading Bond's bathroom, this team hopes to ease some of that anxiety. 

Hullco Project Manager Travis Dunn understands because he served in Iraq too. 

"I wouldn't go to the mall. Your head is still on a swivel. You're just to keeping people away from you when you're in Iraq. So to have someone so close that you can feel their breath on you it gets you a little fired up and I can see that with what he's going through," Dunn said. 

And almost instantly, a bond was formed. 

A connection Bond said is worth more than a new bathtub but appreciated more than words can describe. 

"You don't even know, all walks of life, they come in you shake hands and we just instantly act like we're buddies and the rapport is already there. We don't have to work on it, we don't have to try. It's just because we share a common background," Bond added. 

This is the first year for Baths for the Brave. Officials hope to hold the event again next year.