Severe thunderstorms moved through McMinn and Polk counties early Tuesday morning around 9:30.

The storms caused damage to mobile homes and it also snapped tree limbs in half, which look to appear to be close to 10 inches in diameter. Oddly enough November 30, 2016 is the one-year anniversary of the EF2 that caused damage in McMinn and Polk counties, killing two people.

The National Weather Service in Morristown surveyed the damage on Highway 100, about 12 miles west of Riceville.

Sam Roberts, Meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Morristown surveyed the damage Tuesday. 

"Everything that we've seen has been going in the direction of the storm, so all the damage is kinda of laying to the east, in the easterly direction" Roberts said. "So, that is a very strong indication that these were straight line winds."

Roberts says he doesn't see any indications of tornado damage in the area, but as we've seen strong winds can cause just as much damage. The biggest structural damage was to a mobile home.

The stretch of damage was evident. There weren't many buildings and most of the damage was on tree limbs and power lines.

Roberts adds, "We can get tornadoes year round where we live, we've had them in January, February, so they can happen at any time of the year."

Channel 3 viewed damage Tuesday afternoon that appeared to extend for about 5 miles near 100 all the way up to Highway 50.

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