Grundy County deputies are looking into whether Grundy County High School officials have covered up past incidents. 

Sheriff Clint Shrum tells us his "fact finding" investigation was launched after several rumors surfaced, alleging more assaults were either covered up or not reported. 

The Sheriff says his investigators are committed to being thorough. 

Channel 3 requested all incident reports over the last two years involving staff members and students at Grundy County High School . We received 105 pages detailing alcohol, drug and tobacco violations on school grounds.

At least 3 occasions of a weapon being found on a student at school and reports of students fighting, making threats or assaulting others.

One report documents a case of alleged sexual exploitation in 2015. The allegation involved four football players and one female student who admitted to being exposed inappropriately in the football field house. 

Sheriff Shrum tells us the D.A. reviewed all of the evidence in that case and no charges were ever filed. 

"It came in as a forcible fondling incident and then the investigation showed that is was something other than forcible fondling, that was not what happened in that case," said Sheriff Shrum.

The Sheriff admits two of the football players in that 2015 case are now charged along with 3 other football players in the attempted aggravated rape of another student. Officials say the attempted rape happened in the field house last month and involved a dust mop. 

 " I don't want it to stereotype every student in that school or every student on the football team or basketball or baseball...that doesn't need to happen," said Sheriff Shrum. 

Investigators are still waiting to review any school reports involving abuse over the last 5 years. Sheriff Shrum tells us a similar subpoena was sent to the Department of Childrens Services on Monday.

Shrum hopes to get answers soon. 

" We've heard that some of these have been reported to the Department of Children's Services and that maybe that some have been reported by teachers to the central office and so that's what we want to find out," said Sheriff Shrum. "The thing that we have to realize is that it's going to effect everybody involved for years to come and so it has to be done right the first time. We're not going to get in a hurry, we're going to take our findings and present them to the D.A.'s office. We're going to work with the school system and we want them to work with us and so far so good, but it has to be done right the first time because of the residual effects it could have on the lives of others." 

Channel 3 made a request for the personnel files of all coaching staff including the head coach who's now suspended and we're still waiting to hear back from the school system on those reports. Stay with Channel 3 News on air and online for any new developments.