Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson received notice that the Bradley County Sheriff Office’s Jail has once again passed inspection and has been certified by the Tennessee Corrections Institute (T.C.I.).

The final inspection took place on November 7.

T.C.I. arrived at the jail for their yearly jail inspection which took approximately one full day to complete with all jail records being made available for examination. The inspection process also included insuring inmates had proper medical care and hygiene items, while also checking the cleanliness and sanitation of the jail building. 

Sheriff Eric Watson says, “Our agency is proud, yet humble, that our jail has never been de-certified after a yearly inspection and recognizes the importance of maintaining T.C.I. certification. I want to thank Captain Gabe Thomas and his Correction’s staff for their dedication and hard work to accomplish this year’s certification. Not only does this certification validate that the Bradley County Jail has met all standards set by the Tennessee Corrections Institute, but provides documented evidence to the community that our jail is operated efficiently and effectively.” 

Earlier this year the sheriff’s office jail was inspected by the United States Marshal’s Service (U.S.M.S.) due to the agency’s federal contract to house federal inmates. The jail received high marks throughout the evaluation phase and exceeded federal standards.