Saturday, firefighters and Red Cross volunteers went door to door to make sure people are protected against fires by checking smoke detectors.

"I mean, you hear about house fires and you think yes, I need to get those up there, I need to get them replaced,” Nancy Greenfield said about smoke detectors. “Then time goes on and you forget again."

Volunteers put two new smoke alarms in Greenfield’s home because hers were not working.

"We keep forgetting to get new ones up,” Greenfield explained. “So, it was wonderful to have that!"        

Replacing her smoke detectors had been on her to-do list for a while.

"The dead ones are on top of the refrigerator to remind us,” Greenfield said. “We've lived here three years and we still haven't gotten a new one. It could've been a while."

That’s a response firefighters said they hear all the time.

"Every year we see a lot of residents that don't have smoke detectors or don't have working smoke detectors,” explained Marcus Rice with the Chattanooga Fire Department. “So, it sometimes surprises us."       

Teams made sure each home in the neighborhood had smoke alarms and that they are working.

They also checked to make sure homes had enough alarms to protect the whole house.

Firefighters said they do this in neighborhoods about twice a year, picking places where they've seen a lot of fires.

They hope it helps remind people to make that small change that could save their life.

"It’s a wonderful thing,” Greenfield said. “We all forget to replace our batteries or get new detectors and it's important."

"At the time change, make sure you check your batteries, make sure your smoke alarms are working because it can save your life," urges Rice.

Volunteers checked on roughly 250 homes. They will go to another neighborhood in December.