A Chattanooga apartment complex was without water for hours on Friday because someone didn't pay the bill. It involved about 72 units in the Stone Ridge Apartments.

It could have been a serious matter, because if an apartment is without water it's considered unlivable.  

At Stone Ridge rent is about $700 a month, and it includes water and sewer and residents were outraged to learn that even though they pay rent on time, their water was still cut off.

Mentoria, Monique, and Allison are among the hundred or so at the Stone Ridge apartments whose water was shut off without notice.

“We ain't got no water and our children need some water,” says Mentoria Kelly. “I'm talking about we have to go the whole weekend with no water.”

“They said we can't do anything until Monday,” says Monique Black. “The landlord hasn't paid the water bill for three months now.”

Allison Turnbow has been living at Stone Ridge for about nine years and she says this isn't the first time their services have been cut off because managers didn't pay the bills.

“The guys that pick up the trash were leaving and we were asking them why they were not keeping up the trash,” says Allison Turnbow. “They said they just got a call from their boss and said the check that was paid to them had bounced.”

“We've had residents that have called EPB, they had been told the same thing,” says Allison Turnbow.  “There's a bill that needs to be paid that hasn't been paid so we don't have lights.”

Turnbow says during her time at the apartments she's seen many different managers. 

Neighbors say they've had several problems with the most recent landlord.

“Half the time you call the office and there's nobody here. If they are here they don't answer the phone and when you come this door is always locked,” says Allison Turnbow.  “If you come you have to wait. It's ridiculous to have to live like this.”

Channel 3 also attempted to reach out to property managers and the owner, The Parks Company,  for any information. They never replied.

The water at Stone Ridge was shut off around 2:00 p.m.

Chattanooga police say the apartment property owners made a payment over the phone and the water was turned back on around 6:00 this evening.