A Ridgeland High School coach was surprised during the undefeated football team's pep rally on Friday.

Kip Klein is in his 24th year at Ridgeland, heading up the physical education department, and helping coach several sports.  However, the honor he received was for his work outside the school.  During the September Ironman competition, Klein was among the volunteers who help along the course.  When one of the participants passed out, it was Klein who attended to her, contacted her husband, and transported her back to her hotel.  The woman's husband later contacted Ridgeland school officials to let them know about Klein's good deeds.  WRCB and his family surprised the coach with prizes and gift cards, giving students a chance to cheer for their hometown hero.

Ridgeland principal Karen Hughes calls Klein a great role model for students.  She says he plays a big part in their success in the classroom, in athletics, and after graduation. Superintendent Damon Raines, said, "This did not surprise me at all; I have seen Kip in similar situations with the same outcome.  He has a great relationship with his students and student athletes; he has high expectations but also makes sure they understand he is truly in their corner and will do whatever is needed to make sure they are successful."