Hamilton County emergency crews will now be able to respond to calls up to three minutes faster. It's the first county to receive "the automated secure alarm protocol" in the entire state. 

When an alarm goes off, alarm companies call the 911 center, tell them what happened, and dispatchers send first responders to the scene. The new system will change that and free up dispatchers to take other calls.

When someone breaks into your home, alarm companies can now send their call directly to Hamilton County dispatchers.

"Now, as soon as it hits their computer system, sees that it's in our jurisdiction, it automatically transmits it electronically to our system and it pops up without that phone call taking place. It saves a lot of time," Jeff Carney, Director of Operations said.

On average, it saves one to three minutes, according to Carney.

Carney said it allows dispatchers to know more information faster and without picking up the phone. They can also instant message with alarm companies to give updates.

Residents in Hamilton County will also notice a change with response times.

"They shouldn't notice anything on the initial response, but they may notice the fire department and police department getting there a lot quicker," Carney said.

That means there's more of a chance for authorities to catch burglars in the act.

The 911 center is working with several alarm companies. About a dozen calls have been sent through the new system so far.

The goal is to help save more lives and protect homes when time matters.

"It's really, really refreshing to see technology used to shave off those seconds," Carney said.

Officials said they hope to have access to building cameras while an alarm is activated in the future.

The following alarm companies have partnered with the 911 center:

  • ADS Security

  • Vector Security

  • Rapid Response

  • Vivint

  • Protection One

Over the next month, the following companies will join:

  • Guardian

  • Monitronics

  • ADT

  • Affiliated