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ACA deadline six weeks shorter this year

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Open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act is underway. 

It started earlier this week but consumers will have fewer days to sign up than in previous years. 

The IRS says this year, your income taxes will be incomplete if you aren't covered. 

If you don't get insurance through your employer and you don't have a plan selected by the December 15th deadline, you will be automatically re-enrolled. 

That deadline is six weeks shorter than last year. 

The President cut the Health and Human Services national advertising campaign by $90 million which is why officials are worried people won't know about the shorter time period. 

"Another concern is making sure the individuals go to the right website. It should be If it doesn't end in .gov, there's a lot of websites out there that end in .com. Those aren't valid websites to get the affordable tax credits," Erlanger Outreach Enrollment Specialist Thera Beaman said. 

There are fewer insurance choices offered through the enrollment marketplace as a whole. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield is the only insurer offered in the marketplace. 

Premiums are projected to go up but officials say more people will qualify for free insurance through tax credits. 

If you miss the December 15th deadline, you could face significant fines. 

If you need help enrolling, call 211 if you live in Chattanooga to speak to a certified enrollment specialist. 

You can also click HERE if you live in Tennessee for help enrolling or click HERE for the ACA website. 

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