UPDATE: The mother of a kidnapped child lied about it taking place in Dalton, Georgia.

Dalton Police have dismissed the warrants for Aron Richard Reed, as well.  Police say that Jenneffer Luke told an investigator that Reed failed to return their child, Phoenix, to her custody in Bradley County, Tennessee in the summer but was told by law enforcement that she would have to pursue it as a civil matter. 

Luke learned that laws in Georgia would like lead to criminal charges for Reed after not returning the child. 

Dalton PD is seeking warrants against Luke for felony false statements and misdemeanor false report of a crime at a later date. Phoenix, the son is safe and with his father in Louisana. 

PREVIOUS UPDATE: Dalton police say that Aron Reed has been located by authorities in Shreveport, Louisiana and arrested. 

Phoenix Reed was also located and is safe and sound.

PREVIOUS STORY: Dalton Police are searching for 28-year old Aron Richard Reed who is wanting in the kidnapping of his one-year old son Phoenix Reed.

Investigators do not believe Phoenix is in any danger.

They say that Reed failed to return Phoenix to his mother, Jenneffer Luke, after taking him for an overnight visit.

It is possible that Reed has taken the child to Louisiana.

Reed was given permission by Luke to take Phoenix for an overnight visitation to a residence in Cleveland, Tennessee where he said he was staying with friends on October 21st.  When he failed to return the next day, Luke contacted him through Facebook and Reed told her that he had been kicked out of the residence in Cleveland and that he had to take the child to Louisiana where he has a girlfriend and family. Reed then deleted his Facebook account. He does not have a phone number. Luke did not report the kidnapping to police until November 2nd, saying that she was told by friends that the issue would be a civil issue and that she would need to contact a lawyer and not police. She was told by an attorney to contact police and reported the issue.

Aron Reed is a white male, around 5’9” and weighing 160 pounds.

Dalton investigators have obtained warrants for his arrest for kidnapping and interference with child custody.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Aron Richard Reed or Phoenix Luke is asked to please contact Detective Chris Tucker at 706-278-9085, extension 9165.