A group made up of Hamilton County's biggest leaders stood behind Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger in August when he announced that the county needed more money. 

A week later, commissioners agreed by approving a 10-percent increase for most property owners. 

The only no vote was cast by Commissioner Tim Boyd. 

Fast forward three months and the district 8 representative wants better transparency with the public, especially when it involved reaching deeper into wallets.

"To contact their commissioner with their opinion and get the commissioner's opinion on whether they are for it or against it and also contact the county mayor for input," Boyd said. 

Boyd sponsored a resolution Wednesday, requiring commissioners to vote twice on property tax increases. 

The motion failed due to lack of support but didn't lack opposing comments from other commissioners. 

"This was not a secret to the general public," District 6 Commissioner Joe Graham said during Wednesday's meeting. 

"If we don't feel prepared to vote, we can either delay that vote or table it," District 7 Commissioner Sebrena Turner-Smedley added during Wednesday's meeting. 

But postponing a vote, Boyd said, is not that easy because another commissioner has to agree and sometimes votes are time sensitive. 

"I'm not saying the plan is bad. I'm not saying the tax increase is bad. I'm saying let's give the public an opportunity, on county tax increases, the opportunity to have a say," Boyd added. 

Boyd said he will continue pushing for better transparency through other resolutions in the future.