Kelsea Ballerini partnered up with Tennessee's Tourism Department for the release of her next album The Soundtrack of America: Made in Tennessee.

"When Tennessee Tourism came to me and wanted to do something to partner up with this album... I was like, 'Well, we have to do it in my hometown, and we have to do it at Central'," the country music star said.

She threw on a show at Central High School Saturday night encouraging some of her most dedicated fans to come out and attend.

"Some of her oldest fans are my favorites," Demi Debusk, a senior at Central High School, said. "They're not available anymore, but I still love her."

Debusk admits she's not the biggest Ballerini fan.

"I'd say about 99.9 percent because there are some fans that are crazier than me," she said.

One of those fans fulfilling the 100 percent needed to be a super fan of Ballerini's. She said tonight's show was destined to be special.

"Just to see her get so big and then come back to her hometown, and see her in the high school that she, like, grew up in is just amazing," Kayla Frederick, Ballerini's super fan, said.

For both super fans and locals walking the same hallways of Central High as Ballerini once did, they all can connect to one thing - Her inspirational success.

"You can set your mind to whatever you want. She left here and stuff, and she went and followed her dream. If she could do it, anybody could."