The thing that might strike you about the Band of Blue from Northwest Whitfield, this season, besides their excellent sound is their youth! Why, take for example, their Drum Majors are a freshman and a sophomore. And this group is awesome. Director Ben Milam has been at the school for 15 years and is enjoying his 4th as Director of Bands. Their halftime show is called "Earworm" or, you know, songs that get stuck in your head. What fun! Speaking of, they learned the show back in the heat of summer, and even celebrated the end of band camp by inviting the fire department over to hose them down!

As far as travel goes, they do all of the away games in football and marched a couple of contests. For big trips, they did Universal Studios last year and Williamsburg, Virginia the year before that. So, the Band of Blue is taking this season to stay at home, recharge, and replenish their travel accounts. If you would like to help, get in touch with Mr. Milam at the school, or track down a student to get in on the traditional band fruit sale for the holidays. If you hold out until spring, be looking for a notice about their jazz dinner. 

The easiest way to keep informed of their doings is to 'like' their constantly updated Facebook page. Milam says he would love to have people follow along and support these awesome kids and appreciate their hard work. We sure do appreciate them. Enjoy the Band of Blue from Northwest Whitfield High School, your Friday Night Football Band of the Week!