It's a campaign that has grown in popularity due in part to social media and recent revelations concerning sexual harassment.

The hashtag #MeToo movement is giving a voice to survivors of sexual harassment and abuse.

The movement took off when actress Alyssa Milano challenged people who have experienced sexual harassment or abuse to post the hashtag.

It is now a launching pad for victims to get their voice back and to connect with others who have experienced the same situations. 

There are different levels of sexual abuse.   

Counselors in our area say being able to put it out there for the world to see by just a hashtag gives a voice to a generation that has grown up with access to social media and the internet. 

"It's a way to put it out there, for people to kind of know without having to have that awkward first conversation," says Kelsey Dupree, social service representative for Parkridge Valley.

It is a deeply personal and emotional subject.

Dupree has advice about how to talk with family or friends who have posted this hashtag. She says don't ignore it because you feel awkward, but don't push the person for the story and offer to talk when they feel like it. 

"We should talk about it, not just for women but men as well," Dupree says. "Men are very under reported in the statistics of sexual abuse. Even as kids, sexual harassment happens to men too."

Every 98 seconds a person is sexually assaulted in the United States. Studies show six out of a 1,000 rapists end up in prison.

Click here for more information on sexual harassment or click here for The National Sexual Assault Online Hotline.